By: Marjorie DePuy, Senior Director, Supply Chain and Sustainability, FMI


A year into our collective COVID-19 response, most people now have a more informed view of our global supply chains and know the time and materials involved in moving goods around the world and around our country. As we are wired to ask ourselves: how can we be better/stronger/more prepared next time? There is no better time to come together as an industry and look forward with specific ideas and opportunities to remove supply chain friction and improve our agility and resilience.

For those of you who attended FMI’s Midwinter Executive Conference, you may have caught “The Rubik’s Cube of Supply Chain” with Stuart Aitken, Steve Oakland, Eric Reynolds and David Smith, all top executives at their companies. Thom Blischok facilitated what was effectively a call to action for the industry to remove friction in the supply chain, to better align our trading partner resources and to innovate in the collaboration department going forward. If you missed the discussion, never fear! We are reprising and building upon the conversation at the FMI Supply Chain Forum next month and taking a deeper dive into how we can address supply chain complexities. Thom Blischok and Mark Baum will take the baton from these four executives to open the event, jumping off from the insights and observations of the January conversation.

FMI’s Supply Chain Forum, held April 6-7, is designed for mid-senior level supply chain professionals and anyone who relies on our supply chain, willing to learn and engage on a range of critical and timely topics across the industry. Specific topics include:

  • The data discipline required for better on-shelf availability.
  • The ways automation is disrupting and addressing our labor challenges.
  • A deep dive into the micro-fulfillment landscape.

Sessions will be brief and practical, with valuable takeaways and plenty of time to connect directly with event attendees. A series of Solutions Spotlights helps attendees to hear directly from solution providers with new or updated resources as well as Event Partner pages to interact directly with our event partners.

We encourage you and your teams to join to help us frame the supply chain future.

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