By Gwen Lee, Senior Manager, Food Safety Programs, FMI

20151208-FMI-546r-WEBFood safety training and certification has been established as a key activity to reduce the risk of preventable foodborne illness. The food retail industry employs nearly 6 million individuals and provides essential services to safely feed the American people. To help FMI members develop a strong culture of food safety for the entire workforce—from new hires to CEOs—the FMI Food Safety Team has worked with state and local governments to ensure the FMI SafeMark training and certification program can be accessible to all.  

Along with offering free personal hygiene modules to train food handlers, FMI also hosts a catalog of in-person and virtual training and certification opportunities that fits your store’s needs. Below are key resources (in English and Spanish) that can take your business to the next level for employee and consumer food safety education.

  1. State-specific SafeMark Training Courses
  2. General FMI SafeMark Manager Training
  3. General FMI SafeMark Handler Training
  4. SafeMark Certified Food Protection Manager Exam
  5. Prometric ProProctor Remote Exam Opportunities

To learn more about your specific state food safety training and certification requirements, please visit

FMI understands that every retailer has different training requirements based on location, size, and other important factors. Through our partnership with Conduent, training can come in an online format customizable to your organizations exact needs. If you would like to learn more about how SafeMark could fit into your organizations food saftey initiative please fill out the form below/ follow this link