Food Protection Manager Training

From a food safety perspective, the grocery industry is different from other food industries. Employees must be skilled in food safety practices to prevent contamination any time they receive, prepare, handle, hold or sell food.  

“The increasing complexity of the food industry, the improved ability to identify/trace foodborne outbreaks and other economic, staffing, cultural and behavioral challenges make it imperative that food protection managers know and control the risk factors that impact the safety of the food they sell or serve.” FDA Food Code

SafeMark® is the only food manager training created BY retailers, FOR retailers and provides supermarket managers and supervisors with the knowledge to train staff and achieve food manager certification. To meet your needs, we offer both in classroom and online training curriculums.

“Using the SafeMark® program has been an invaluable tool to help prepare retail store managers for the Certified Food Protection Manager exam every step of the way. The real-world examples and scenarios used throughout the training help to prepare learners for the exam.  I would  recommend SafeMark® training to anyone looking to prepare for the certification exam.” –Steve Oswald, Wakefern Food Corp.

Food Protection Manager Training Options

Choose the training system that best meets your needs.

Trainer's Kit

6th Edition Trainers Kit Manager Certification Training


Price: $395.00
SafeMark® Guide to Food Safety Trainer's Kit - 6th Ed.

  • Classroom curriculum for food safety trainers working with managers and associates
  • Covers prevention of cross contamination, proper cleaning and sanitizing
  • Updated to the 2022 FDA Food Code
  • 9 Training Session Slides with Talking Points  
  • PDF format of curriculum
  • Sample Training Agendas



6th Edition Guide to Food Safety Manager Certification Training


Price: $42.50

Textbook SafeMark® Guide to Food Safety: Manager Certification Training - 6th Ed. 

  • Textbook accompanying SafeMark® Guide to Food Safety Trainer’s Kit
  • Prepares managers for SafeMark® Food Protection Manager Certification
  • Learning aids include industry case studies, an in-text glossary, revised icons that highlight key concepts, new supermarket photos, quick reference charts for safe times and temperatures, Certificate of Completion and more
  • Updated to the 2022 FDA Food Code


SafeMark Online

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SafeMark® Food Protection Manager eLearning

  • Food safety eLearning for retail food managers 
  • Ensures consistent food safety skill building for employees 
  • Uses interactive and engaging methods to simulate real-life retail scenarios
  • Prepares managers for Food Protection Manager Certification exam
  • Updated to the 2022 FDA Food Code

Prepare Your Staff

SafeMark® manager training options prepare your staff for certification.

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