According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), establishments with managers certified in food safety are less likely to have critical violations on their inspections. It’s important to make sure your managers receive the right certification—one that speaks to the unique food safety needs of the supermarket. Certification also demonstrates your company’s commitment to food safety. SafeMark® is the only food safety training and certification program that keeps retailers and their needs top of mind. Tens of thousands of food managers have been certified using SafeMark®.

“Food safety certification promotes food safety knowledge for both managers and workers.”  – Center for Disease Control and Prevention

SafeMark® partners with Prometric to offer the SafeMark Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) exam specific to the grocery industry. Whether you are looking to take the SafeMark CFPM exam, order SafeMark CFPM exams in bulk or you are looking for corporate solutions for the CFPM, Prometric’s extensive, world-class test delivery infrastructure ensures that your CFPM testing needs are met. Here’s how:

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SafeMark® Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) Exam:  

This is an American National Standards Institute – Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP) accredited Certification Program. Available through Prometric, The SafeMark® CFPM has been designed alongside recognized food safety experts from the grocery industry to mirror real-life situations to help grocery industry professionals understand critical food safety principles and successfully apply their skills at work in order to protect public health and meet regulatory compliance outlined in the FDA Food Code.

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Certifying food safety managers is essential to ensure your managers have the food safety knowledge and skills to work in retail food establishments.  For more information, check out Prometric’s Food Safety Industry Report to find out more about Developing the Right Food Safety Assessment Program.  


“The SafeMark® program is an integral part of Food Safety training and education in my organization.  SafeMark® materials are both practical and effective, allowing me and my team as food safety educators to teach actionable and relevant food safety concepts for both managers and line-level employees in a retail setting. The program provides foundational knowledge needed to apply key food safety principles each time a food worker prepares, handles, displays or sells food. SafeMark® has been a tremendous tool for increasing knowledge and retention of key food safety principles for our food handlers at all levels throughout the organization.”
–James P. Baldwin, Price Chopper Supermarkets