By: Chad Ross, Manager, Industry Relations, Food Marketing Institute
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Food retailers hear a lot about the digital shopper and they spend even more time thinking about how they’ll meet consumers growing demand for streamline shopping experiences from the store aisles to their virtual grocery baskets. As it turns out, center store items remain a prime opportunity for food retailers to engage e-grocery shoppers.

According to FMI’s U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2018 study, categories with the highest purchases reported in the past 12 months are comprised of non-perishables, such as household items, canned or dry packed foods. Trends reports 38 percent of e-consumers made health and beauty purchases online within the last year, and center store categories trended around 30 percent. While other sections of the store are rising in online purchases, they have yet to generate a similar virtual basket purchase.

Food retailers know center store is primed and ready to capitalize on online grocery trends. FMI’s general merchandise/health and beauty care (GMHBC) committee and the food and beverage committee joined forces to create FMI’s Center Store Committee. The new Center Store Committee will advocate for breakthrough retailer solutions to address shopper needs by leveraging industry insights within the Center Store vertical.

Join us as we explore how we can work together to increase the virtual basket of our consumers. For more information or to join FMI Center Store Committee, contact me at

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