By Sue Wilkinson, Senior Director, Information Service & Research, Food Marketing Institute  
FMI Library

FMI’s Information Service collection, which we lovingly call the FMI Library, is home to 5,000 volumes of publications, research reports, books and more about the food retail industry. The physical library is   supplemented by an online database where FMI members can find abstracts from a variety of trade and business journals dating back to 1988 and a catalog of multi-media materials about the food distribution industry from FMI and other publishers.

In honor of National Library Week, we’re celebrating the FMI Library and showcasing some of the food retail treasures in the collection. Here are our top five food retail treasures in the FMI Library: 

5) The first (1922) issue of Progressive Grocer magazine

4) Answers to food retail questions via the Ask A Librarian

3) Top Supermarket Facts

2) 41 years of The U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends survey

1) 65 years of The Food Retail Industry Speaks report

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