By: Haley Pierce, Manager, FMI Foundation

Chocolate raspberry tarts

Salty, sweet, savory, spicy – all were components of Stir It Up! 2024's sensational menus by retailers and manufacturers within the food industry. We celebrated the equally tantalizing and fan-favorite foods that pleased the palates of the Midwinter Executive Conference attendees.

At Stir It Up! 2025, we will launch enhanced sponsorship opportunities to engage current and potential customers at the event.

New Product Showcase

In addition to the company-hosted kitchens we all know and enjoy, we are excited to announce a brand-new sponsorship opportunity: Stir It Up's New Product Showcase. This sponsorship opportunity lets your company show off two or three new and emerging products in your portfolio. Each sponsorship will provide you with two to three branded display shelves to showcase your new product's packaging, limited edition designs and more. Alongside the branded display case, each sponsor can host a branded kiosk to hand out tasting-sized portions of products on display. The customer engagement experience doesn't end there. New product displays will have their debut at Stir It Up! and then will be showcased throughout the conference venue in high-traffic locations.

Explore Regional Culinary Delights

Stir It Up! 2025 is excited to announce its new theme: What's for Dinner: Dishing Up New Family Flavors. This theme honors the FMI Foundation's 10th year of National Family Meals Month and focuses on the best flavors of the U.S., the regional inspiration for dishes of all types.

mg-caption:FMI Staff enjoying Stir It Up! 2024

In the mood for a kolache or Tex-Mex? Have your kitchen be an ode to the Southwest! Are you in need of some comfort food such as deep-dish pizza, Kansas City BBQ, casseroles and cheese curds? The Midwest is sometimes best. Can't get enough of maple-flavored foods, boiled seafood and apple cider doughnuts? New England is calling!

Some other cuisine themes include (but are not limited to):

  • South (Creole, Cajun, and Soul Food cuisines)
  • West/Coastal (Californian, Pacific Islander and Hawaiian, and Asian Fusion cuisines)
  • Pacific Northwest (Indigenous and Seafood-based cuisines)
  • Mid-Atlantic (Fusion Foods and Mixed Drinks)

As we look ahead, attendees can expect an exciting exploration of regional flavors, ensuring that Stir It Up! 2025 is an event not to be missed.

Have a nonfoods product that you'd like to showcase or a question for the Stir It Up! planning team?

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