By: Margaret Core, Vice President, Marketing, FMIBlog Image 1350x757 FMIPopUp

Seeking to identify new food product innovations that are entering the market and primed to solve for a consumer’s unmet needs is always a quest for food retailers. In today’s digital world, there are many product discovery tools and platforms for retail category buyers. At FMI’s Midwinter Executive Conference, we have created a unique product discovery experience:

FMI Pop-up

FMI Pop-up showcases 35 brands supporting consumer interest in healthy, ethnic cuisines and interesting snacks and beverages—all trends shoppers tell us they are seeking particularly as they face at-home meal fatigue. FMI Pop-up includes keto and paleo items, Himalayan dumplings, seaweed products, sparkling tonics and mixers, seafood, plant-based cheese and noodles, ready-to-eat meals, and sweat treats.

Inspiring Company Stories

The criteria for brands to enter the Pop-up was for the company to be less than eight years old, $3million or less in revenue, and already in some grocery stores. The companies’ brand stories are inspiring:

  • Pure Batch founders are a mother and daughter team that made a healthy life change after recovering from an illness. The entire line is completely plant-based treats made without any preservatives or chemicals, staying true to Mama Millin’s feelings about putting only good, whole foods into your body.
  • Miracle Noodle’s founder is a medical doctor who, when visiting Japan, was inspired by a vegetarian restaurant to create their grain-free products.
  • Since 2014, the founder of Keto and Co has been following a ketogenic diet to manage chronic pain.
  • Zen of Slow Cooking (ZOSC) produces a line of premium, no/low salt, Certified Non-GMO spice blends for slow cookers, pressure cookers (e.g., Instant Pot®), and one pot cooking. As a Certified B Corporation and Certified Women Owned Business, ZOSC is committed to creating an inclusive economy and partners with a social enterprise to provide employment for adults with developmental disabilities.
KeHE VIP Retailer Sample Boxes

FMI Pop-Up also features three KeHE VIP Retailer Sample boxes. Attendees choose from:

  • A sample box featuring CareTrade® items—brands that have a mission beyond commercial success—and DIVERSEtrade™ items—brands attract, retain, and grow DIVERSE suppliers at KeHE within the food industry.
  • A sample box featuring at-home chef products that have gained sales momentum over the last nine months including pasta edamame fettuccine, Mediterranean gourmet citrus olives, and paleo keto taco seasoning.
  • A sample box featuring immunity products such as elderberry extract, peppermint-flavored throat spray, and mushroom immune berry.

Now more than ever, consumers want access to products that meet their health and wellness focus, dietary needs, taste preferences, and social interests. We are pleased to uplift the food product innovation that has continued during the COVID-19 pandemic. All FMI Midwinter attendees have access to FMI Pop-up throughout the event, during designated times and may make connections with brand owners.

See the brands in the FMI Pop-up