FMI Pop-up


Now more than ever, consumers want access to products that meet their health and wellness focus, dietary needs, taste preferences and social interests.

To uplift the food innovation that has continued during the pandemic, this special event welcomes all FMI Midwinter attendees to review innovative products and gain insights from emerging food brands.

Attendees have FMI Pop-up access throughout the event and, during designated times, may video chat with brand owners.

Special Offer

Midwinter attendees may request one of three sample box offerings: 

  • Whole Self Well-being Box 
  • Complements to the (Home) Chef Box 
  • KeHE CAREtrade® & DIVERSEtrade™ Box

KeHE will ship you the box of your choice, once your request is received within the FMI Pop-up during Midwinter.


“Thoughts of new products, improvements and line extensions have kept the innovation sector of the food business humming. Even though lockdowns have made it difficult — and sometimes impossible — to do the necessary lab work and hands-on or consumer-based research, companies and formulators have kept going.” - Food Dive


“Despite the unprecedented challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to see many new items entering the market in 2020.  Consumer appetite for new products is strong, but what is relevant today may be different in some categories and relatively unchanged in others. To remain competitive, manufacturers need to adapt their innovation pipeline to meet the evolving wants and needs of their buyers.  While consumer needs are changing rapidly, the key three drivers of successful innovation remain unchanged: (1) a good, relevant idea (2) brought to life with a strong product experience and (3) supported by a tailored activation strategy typically yield winning launches.  Despite seeming more pronounced today, this dynamic is not new and it is not going away.” – Nielsen

How the FMI Pop-up Works

Brands interested in joining the product showcase area, we ask that your company meet the following criteria to participate.  

Company Participation Criteria

  • Must be less than eight years old. 
  • Must have $3 million or less in annual revenue.
  • Must have some current grocery distribution.

FMI membership not required, though we sure hope you grow so it's a must-have in your future!

FMI Pop-up Commitment Form


$495 showcase fee, includes one pop-up stand

Fee includes:

  • One large poster graphic. 
  • Ability to upload company literature. 
  • Opportunity to submit a pre-recorded 5x5 Product Presentation (ie: five slides in 5 minutes).
  • One complimentary virtual event registration for a company representative.
  • Opportunity to provide product samples to event attendees.  
  • Attendees will be able to request product samples directly from you, as a participating company.  
  • Participating companies are responsible for all related shipping costs. 
  • Promotion in pre-event attendee communications, on event website, and on virtual platform. 
  • Product information and presentation will be made available in March on website for additional exposure. 


Heather Cain 
Senior Manager, Meeting Services 
(202) 220-0815

Peter Collins