By: Doug Baker, Vice President Industry Relations – Private Brands, Technology, Loss Prevention, Food Marketing Institute

FoodDefenseRetailersAnyone scanning the news knows there’s been an increase of assorted threats, not just confronting our country, but our businesses. In today’s world, it’s important to know how to prepare for intentional threats inside and outside of the food supply chain.

As a way for retailers to better understand vulnerabilities facing food and agriculture, Rod Wheeler, founder and CEO of the Global Food Defense Institute, will lead a course specifically designed for grocers.

“The 2017 Food Defense/Crisis Management/Emergency Preparedness Management Certificate Course will expose retailers to food chain insecurities from farm to fork,” said Wheeler. “It’s an essential opportunity for them to further understand various security measures and apply their knowledge to concerns facing the industry.”

Wheeler’s course will provide interactive workshops centered on real-life scenarios, challenging attendees to think practically to identify vulnerabilities in their businesses and handle a crisis effectively.

“Large businesses have resources to educate employees and put active safety and defense plans in place,” explained Wheeler. “However, in food defense, this isn’t the case for mid-size businesses. We’re seeing more and more small to mid-size companies looking to protect their assets, their people, and their products.”

Impactful learning happens when individuals have the ability to develop and enable the skills they need during a crisis. Over the course of two days, attendees will learn how to protect their supply chain from intentional contamination, perform security vulnerability and risk assessments of their retail establishments, understand the legal pitfalls that can occur by not being proactive with regards to security, and also prepare for in-store emergencies like active shooters and workplace violence.

“It will be front-line workers that may stop the next terrorist attack,” affirmed Wheeler. “We don’t know when the next attack will be, so it’s important that we not become complacent and remain vigilant.”

FMI will host the 2017 Food Defense Certificate Course for grocers on August 22 – August 23, 2017. Participants will receive a certificate of completion in Food Defense-Emergency Preparedness. Register here

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