By: Cynthia Brazzel, Senior Director, Member Relations and Advocacy (Western Region), FMI

SMA 2024 StarOn a day like Supermarket Employee Day, no celebration is too big or small. Keeping with tradition, we are honored to announce this year’s class of nominees for the Store Manager Awards. We are proud to highlight the industrious, dedicated, and deserving store managers who have been nominated this year. This annual program is our way of recognizing and celebrating the unparalleled talent within our industry's store management sphere. Nominations pour in from peers and food retail companies, highlighting those exceptional managers who drive sales growth, effectively communicate company and store goals, exhibit team leadership, provide outstanding customer service and make a difference in their community.

The 2024 Nominees

We are proud to highlight the 184 nominees who have been acknowledged as exemplary store managers, all worthy candidates for this award. These individuals have not only met but surpassed the expectations of their employers, earning them a coveted spot among the best in the industry. Join us in applauding the 2024 class of Store Manager Award nominees.

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The Journey Ahead

In the spirit of recognizing excellence, FMI will unveil the top finalists from this exceptional pool of store managers in May. The culmination of this journey will occur on May 9th, when we will proudly announce the winners of the 2024 Store Manager Awards during a live, virtual ceremony. This moment promises to be a celebration of dedication, hard work, and outstanding leadership within the food retail industry.

In celebrating these exceptional store managers, we celebrate the heart and soul of the food retail industry. Their commitment, leadership, and unwavering dedication contribute to the success and growth of our community supermarkets. As we eagerly anticipate the finalists, let us continue to honor and support the heroes who make our local supermarkets vibrant and essential hubs of community life.  

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