By: Carol Abel, Vice President of Education Program Development, FMI

The likelihood that you’ve felt the unprecedented strain on our food industry’s supply chain is so high I’m nearly afraid to mention it again. The whole world has been rattled by the COVID-19 pandemic, but our industry continues to demonstrate an intense resolve to meet our communities’ needs, bringing food to the table and keeping people fed.

While the pace of change continues to accelerate, technology has connected and transformed our ability to meet demand, addressing:

  • Supply chain disruption.
  • Labor shortages and workforce challenges.
  • Societal dynamics including a changing marketplace.
  • Evolving consumer behaviors.
  • Rising environmental, social, and governance expectations.

It is heartening to know that together, we can navigate through today’s unpredictable marketplace and chart a course into the future. I’m thrilled to share this short clip with you in preparation for the FMI Midwinter Executive Conference, held January 20-23, 2023, in Orlando. Let FMI Midwinter be your destination for collaboration. FMI members will focus on the industry’s most pressing issues, together.    


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