By: Gwen Lee, Senior Manager, Food Safety Programs, FMI

SafeMarkThe FMI SafeMark® program prides itself on providing food safety training and certification solutions to fit any retail organization's needs. We are happy to announce that our testing partner, Prometric, has introduced a remote assessment solution called ProProctor™ to meet the certification exam needs of our customers any time, any place. 

ProProctor leverages innovative remote learning technologies and an experienced proctoring staff to provide convenient and practical access to the accredited Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) exam. This exam is important because the 2017 FDA Food Code was updated to assert that the Person In Charge (PIC) shall obtain a CFPM credential (for reference, please see food code section 2-102.12(A)).

The ProProctor solution is based on the same delivery technology used in their global test center network, ensuring a consistent experience for your trainees. Remote testing offers you and your staff a safe and convenient alternative to the traditional test center experience. Tests can be taken anywhere there is a PC or laptop, webcam and internet access. 

In fact, with ProProctor and the SafeMark training courses, your staff can be completely trained and certified on foundational food safety procedures without having to leave their home or place of work. FMI is proud to strengthen food safety education and culture across the entire retail industry, and we are delighted to support our members in keeping the food supply safe.

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