By: Kelli Windsor, Manager, Member and Digital Communications, Food Marketing Institute
2015 Year in Review Fresh Prepared Foods

From hot topics like food waste to research insights into consumer shopping behavior pertaining to fresh foods, FMI’s sustainability- and fresh-food-related blogs offered actionable insights to help grocers improve and strengthen business operations and align with consumer demand.

Top Sustainability Blogs

3 Food Waste Innovations from the Food Industry

Innovation gave us the barcode, self-checkout and click-and-collect. As we look to the overarching, complex issue that is food waste, innovation holds the key to solutions that address this conundrum from multiple facets. Here are three, out of the many, food waste innovations created by the food industry.

How Food Retailers Can Start Sustainable Sourcing

 We’re hearing a lot of buzz about sustainable sourcing lately, but what is it? Sustainable sourcing of commodities or finished goods extends beyond traditional cost and supply metrics and ensures that the economic, environmental and social aspects of the global supply chains are responsibly and ethically managed.

The Business of Reducing Food Waste

The Food Waste Reduction Alliance has recently released a new tool to help with the business of reducing food waste.  The second annual FWRA Best Practices and Emerging Solutions guide highlights ways companies can begin, expand or enhance their food donation or food waste diversion programs. With success-proven case studies from grocery stores, food manufacturers, and restaurant and foodservice operators, this guide can help food retailers keep food out of landfills, and to reduce food waste at the source. 

Top Fresh Foods Blogs

How Do Customers Shop for Produce?

Have you ever had a bird’s-eye view of how people shop the produce aisle? Do they stick to their shopping list, purchase unplanned items, compare prices? What brings them into the store and helps them make a decision on produce once they are in the section? FMI’s new annual research, Power of Produce, studies consumer shopping behavior in the produce department.

Meat aisle through the shoppers’ eyes

For the tenth year, the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and North American Meat Institute (NAMI) have teamed up for the Power of Meat study. This new research looks at the meat aisle from the consumer’s point of view and highlights several trends in the way consumers are changing their purchasing behavior.

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