How FMI is Safeguarding the Fast-Paced World of Cybersecurity

This is the sixth installment of FMI's Technology Blog Series, which explores digital innovations for the food industry and shares compelling insights from our research.

By: Tom Cosgrove, Director, Industry Relations, FMI

One of my favorite songs is "Mayberry" by Rascal Flatts. If you've never heard it, the song reminisces about the fictional town of Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show, where life moved at a slower, more wholesome pace. The song suggests that today's world spins much faster than it used to, which is especially clear in the realm of technology.

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Moore's Law, which theorizes that computing power doubles every 18 - 24 months, once served as the benchmark for technological advancement. However, what we're experiencing today far surpasses that rate. This rapid pace also benefits bad actors, who exploit the lack of guardrails that reputable countries and businesses strive to implement. To address these challenges, FMI's Board of Directors and our Technology Leadership Council have tasked us with keeping up with (and getting ahead of) developments in cybersecurity.

This context makes FMI's recent announcement even more significant. FMI has officially partnered with the Food & Ag ISAC, adding to our existing partnership with the Retail & Hospitality ISAC. This partnership equips FMI with cyber-information sharing and analysis centers that cover the entire supply chain, from field to store. These ISACs provide critical intelligence, analysis, and effective security practices that help organizations detect attacks, respond to incidents, and share indicators enhancing their ability to protect themselves and manage risks. They collaborate with academic institutions and industry associations to ensure comprehensive and robust cybersecurity measures.

As FMI president and CEO, Leslie Sarasin, indicated in the press release, "Ensuring the resilience and safety of our members' supply chains is a top priority for FMI. Partnering with the Food & Ag ISAC allows us to leverage the benefit of information sharing to ensure early detection and coordinated response while contributing to our industry's expertise. Together, we can implement stronger cybersecurity protocols to protect consumers and the entire food system."

As much as I wish the world would slow down so that I could enjoy an iced beverage on my front porch like the song suggests, I appreciate the great partners that we have throughout the industry and am thankful for our members and their expertise that help guide us and the industry forward!

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