By Kelli Windsor, Senior Director, Digital Communications, FMI 

CUA logoThe morning radio program I listen to has a segment called “Tell Me Something Good.” One of the on-air personalities shares an uplifting story—anything from a good Samaritan stopping to help someone in need to someone displaying heroic strength and saving a dog from a burning building. After I start my day with these gems, I sit down at my computer and begin to read the food industry trade media, which is often sprinkled with these same stories of doing good. Headlines include record-breaking food donations, creative sustainability and food waste solutions, efforts to support local community organizations and nonprofits, and so much more.  

The food industry is dedicated to helping local communities, and this is evident day in and day out. FMI developed the Community Uplift Awards to help shine a light on the good deeds happening in the food industry. Nominations for these awards are open June 3 – 28, and retailers, suppliers and retail-supplier partnerships are encouraged to submit nominations.   

How Your Stories Make a Difference 

Food industry professionals often tell us that their community uplift programs are part of doing business because it is the right thing to do. That sentiment is very true, but it’s also important to tell these stories. FMI shares our Community Uplift Awards stories year-round with the media, members of Congress, regulatory agencies, and industry stakeholders. By submitting your story of doing something good, you’ll help FMI better advocate, educate and collaborate on behalf of the food industry.  

Besides, some morning, you might turn on the radio and hear the “Tell Me Something Good” segment feature your company and the ways you give back.