Leslie Sarasin at the Nonfoods Event

By: Tom Duffy, Senior Advisor, Nonfoods Community Development, FMI

In the bustling heart of Arlington, Va., a curated event is set to unfold for the second year from May 14-16, 2024. Join us as experts from the nonfoods grocery sector unite for Beyond Aisles: Unlocking Nonfoods Potential, offering an exciting platform for networking, discussions and collaborative efforts toward innovation and growth.

Picture this: a room filled with unique perspectives and experiences in the world of nonfoods retail. This gathering is a community-driven initiative to ignite creativity and explore new horizons. We're thrilled to see nonfoods professionals from AWG Wholesalers, Claire's, The Clorox Company, Purina, Simply Good Foods and more have registered, promising a diverse and insightful gathering.

A Space for Inspiration

The spirit of collaboration is at the core of this event. In an opening session designed to inspire, FMI, Barrows, and Circana leaders will encourage attendees to challenge the status quo and embrace fresh perspectives. Beyond mere commerce, this event transcends into fostering a vibrant community of thinkers ready to shape the future of nonfoods grocery sales.

Exploring Trends and Insights

Participants will dive into trends and insights shaping the nonfoods sector. Experts from Barrows will share case studies on retail design, showcasing innovative approaches to captivate today's consumers. Circana, with its wealth of market data, will shed light on growth opportunities within consumer-packaged goods (CPG) retail.

Imagine the energy in the room as attendees absorb these insights and discuss how to integrate them into their individual strategies. Be part of a dynamic exchange of ideas where each contribution adds to the group's collective wisdom.

Understanding Consumer Behavior

One of the most intriguing sessions, led by FMI's Vice President of Research & Insights, Steve Markenson, will tap into nonfoods consumer behavior. He will highlight The Power of Nonfoods at Retail, a comprehensive consumer research study conducted by FMI, enabling attendees to gain a better understanding of the factors that influence consumer choices. This session explores the human element behind every purchase decision.

From Ideas to Action

Guided by moderators from Barrows, participants will form workgroups to tackle specific challenges, brainstorm barriers and opportunities and work together to develop innovative solutions.

A Community in Action

The sense of community this event fosters genuinely makes it unique. It revolves around connections, friendships and the collective determination to drive change.

The event will culminate with a closing session featuring insights and perspectives from Simply Good Foods and Acosta, offering a powerful conclusion to the collaborative efforts and discussions. This gathering exemplifies the power of coming together in a world where collaboration is vital. The nonfoods grocery community is a force for innovation and progress. As we look towards May 14, we anticipate the sparks of creativity, the connections that will be made and the transformative ideas that will shape the future of our industry.

Get ready for a vibrant and enlightening gathering!

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