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By: Tom Duffy, Senior Advisor, Industry Relations, FMI

In the bustling aisles of food retail, where every product tells a story, there's a quiet revolution happening beyond the groceries. Imagine growing a community of people dedicated not just to filling shopping carts but to shaping the very shelves they stand before. Since the announcement of the FMI General Merchandise & Health and Beauty Care Initiative in 2022, a spirited community has been forming, storming and norming its way into the heart of the Nonfoods category. This isn't just about products, it's about growing an ecosystem of collaboration and innovation.

FMI has been at the forefront of recognizing and leveraging the importance of nonfoods categories as a differentiation strategy for food retailers. Members of the FMI Nonfoods community have been actively collaborating with trading partners to explore ways to expand and enhance the Nonfoods category. The Nonfoods Subcommittee of the FMI Industry Collaboration Council has been instrumental in driving these efforts. Their goal is to grow nonfoods purchases on every trip, thereby increasing the overall market basket of food retail consumers.

Exploring Consumer Shopping Behavior

One significant achievement has been launching The Power of Nonfoods at Retail, a consumer research study conducted by FMI. This study delves into consumer shopping behavior in the nonfoods department, providing valuable insights for the industry. Additionally, the FMI nonfoods blog series has been sharing compelling perspectives and insights, further shedding light on the role of nonfoods in the food retailing sector.

The community has organized educational gatherings, digital seminars and business meetings to facilitate collaboration and learning. The nonfoods community has two 2024 events, one in May and the other at the Nonfoods Business Conference. These events provide opportunities for members to focus on trading partner relationships and collaborate on essential topics such as consumer behavior, technology, health & well-being and sustainability in the Nonfoods category.

The first upcoming Nonfoods event, May 14-16, 2024 in Arlington, Va., is focused on Beyond Aisles: Unlocking Nonfoods Potential. Nonfoods leaders are gathering for a carefully curated interactive and immersive event focused on increasing nonfoods category performance at the grocery store. A selected group of invited food retail professionals, including product suppliers, wholesalers and retailers, will tap into insights and develop the innovative mindset needed to compete and stay relevant in this dynamic marketplace.

At the Nonfoods Business Conference, we will ponder Exploring Gateway Categories and Conversion Value, understanding how these pivotal points drive consumer decisions. Additionally, we'll dissect the Consumer's Journey, from first glance to final purchase, to glean insights into their needs and desires. Finally, the conference will focus on Enabling and Expanding Total Store Collaboration Knowledge and Synergies, empowering attendees with strategies to foster partnerships and drive innovation across the industry.

Growing A Community

Join us as we explore the endless possibilities and potential of the Nonfoods category. Your involvement will benefit your business and contribute to the collective growth and success of the industry. Together, we can make a lasting impact and drive meaningful change, because in this vibrant community, we understand that our strength lies in our unity.

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