By: Dan Ratner, Senior Director, Member Services, FMI

Supermarket Employee Day proclamation

In recent years, the world has acknowledged how truly essential supermarket employees are to our daily lives. This recognition is played out in local retail grocery stores and supermarkets daily as they work within their communities to ensure families and neighbors are fed and receive fresh products to support their health and well-being. This year's celebration of Supermarket Employee Day on February 22 provided ample evidence of the appreciation communities have for their grocery store workers.

Official Proclamations

Many states and localities have officially proclaimed February 22 as Supermarket Employee Day as a day of celebration. This year, Alabama, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin made it official through formal proclamations.

Trending on Social Media

Last week, #SupermarketEmployeeDay was trending on social media, generating 5.3 million impressions with a significant portion incorporating the official hashtag. Here are some examples of the many messages posted ...

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Communities Expressing Appreciation

It's heartwarming to see members of the local community recognize grocery store workers by showing kindness and compassion on Supermarket Employee Day and every day.

Celebrating Worldwide

Even though Supermarket Employee Day is forever on the National Day Calendar, it also transcends borders uniting people around the globe to honor the tireless efforts of grocery workers everywhere.

Plan Now for 2025

Start planning to celebrate the next Supermarket Employee Day on Saturday, February 22, 2025 using the examples above and the Supermarket Employee Day toolkit available year-round. Regardless of the day, please be sure to thank your local grocery store workers for all they do to help feed families and enrich the lives of your family and community.

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