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By: Steve Markenson, Vice President, Research & Insights, FMI

As we put a nice little ribbon on the year that was 2023, FMI's Research & Insights team has been taking a look back at all the surveys and reports we delivered in 2023. We made a list (and checked it twice) of key facts and insights about the state of the food industry today. As you enjoy time with your family, amaze them with your knowledge of these stocking stuffer fun facts. Enjoy and happy holidays!

US Grocery Shopper Trends
  • Weekly grocery spend is $155/week/household
  • 2.6 weekly grocery trips per household
  • 63% shop online at least occasionally
  • Primary grocery channel: 38% traditional supermarkets, 33% mass retailers
  • The Food Retailing Industry Speaks
  • 72% of shoppers are concerned about rising food prices
  • 62% of millennials "like" or "love" grocery shopping
  • 56% of parents worry about having enough money to pay for food
  • 90% trust their grocery store to ensure the food they purchase is safe
  • 76% find transparency in food products important.
The Food Retail Industry Speaks
  • 2022 food retail employee turnover: 65%
  • 2022 food retail net profit: 2.3%
  • 2022 food retail overall shrink: 2.7%
  • 29% of food retail transactions were through self-checkout lanes in 2022
  • Food retailers invested $13 billion in technology in 2022
  • Credit card fees are 1% of overall food retail sales
  • 12,700 weekly transactions per store in 2022
  • 41% of food retail sales came from fresh foods in 2022
The Power Of Series
  • 98.3% of households purchase meat
  • U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends
  • Average of 4.0 dinners per week include meat/poultry
  • 96% of shoppers purchase store brands at least occasionally
  • 60% report buying private brands more over the past year
  • 53% say private brands are important in picking a store, up from 35% in 2016
  • 41% of parents put in a lot of effort in selecting nutritious foods
  • 47% are interested in using technology to order special occasion bakery items
  • 47% of Americans are non-seafood eaters
  • One-third of Americans consume fresh produce daily
  • 46% purchase grocery-deli prepared foods for dinner at least once a week.
  • 51% typically prepare "hybrid" dinners - using some scratch and some semi-prepared items
  • 38% consume frozen foods every few days or daily
  • Less than 8% of nonfoods are purchased from grocery stores 

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