By Doug Baker, Vice President, Industry Relations, FMI

Chinese Dragon

As we welcome the year 2024, aligning with the Chinese Zodiac of the Dragon, the world holds great anticipation for groundbreaking technological strides. Amidst this excitement, the FMI Midwinter Executive Conference re-emerges as a captivating stage, offering a platform for emerging technology companies to showcase their visionary ideas through the FMItech Pitch Competition. Building upon last year's energy, the 2024 edition vows to be an even more dynamic and awe-inspiring celebration of innovation.

Tech pitches serve as a powerful catalyst for discovery and unlocking a world of innovation. Through five-minute presentations, startups showcase their groundbreaking ideas, inviting audiences to explore new possibilities. These pitches spark curiosity, fostering collaborations and investments that drive the technological landscape forward.

Continuing the Tradition of Innovation

The 2023 FMItech Pitch Competition set the bar high, showcasing a wide array of visionary entrepreneurs who left audiences thinking about the possibilities with their brief pitches. SmartBrief editor, Janet Kendall, took us on an insightful journey in her January 2023 FMItech Pitch wrap-up article, delving into the world of grocery technology transformation. From automation to food waste solutions, customer engagement, and digital value creation, this article sheds light on six remarkable startups redefining the grocery industry: Amoobi, Hyer, Huloop Automation, OjaExpress, Sifter, and Verneek.

Join the 2024 FMItech Pitch Competition

As the Year of the Dragon blesses us with its auspicious presence, the 2024 FMItech Pitch Competition is set to become a spectacular showcase of innovation, ingenuity and inspiration. With visionary technology companies vying for the spotlight, this event promises to unleash a wave of groundbreaking solutions that could redefine industries and shape the world of tomorrow.

Embrace the dragon's spirit of courage and vision as we celebrate innovation and pave the way to a promising future. Tech entrepreneurs are encouraged to seize this golden opportunity by submitting their applications and pitch videos online. The submission process is open until October 2, 2023, and all entry criteria and details can be found on our website.

FMItech Pitch Competition