By Margaret Core, Vice President, Marketing and Industry Relations, FMI

Supermarket Employee Day is the official day created in 2021 by FMI to give back to the people and teams who are the unsung heroes of the grocery store! Building on the energy from the inaugural start, for Supermarket Employee Day 2022, here are five awesome ways you can celebrate with your favorite supermarket employees!

1. Recognize the day! Make Plans for February 22, 2022!

Early in 2022, announce your Supermarket Employee Day plans. Craft your celebration that would work for your operations. Make sure your whole management teams save the date too so they can be sure to be in as many stores as possible that day simply sharing their thanks in person.

2. Bling!

SED_2Create posters, stickers, banners, t-shirts, mugs – whatever works to shout out to your heroes that they are appreciated. Check out the templates, posters, infographics and the online store organized for you. In the inaugural year, more than 50,000 buttons were ordered to help with celebrations. Access the Toolkit and Store.

3. Share a Family Meal for Employees

Grocery workers go out of their way to make sure consumers are satisfied, and on February 22, they deserve your thanks. Show your appreciation for these hard-working folks: Serve a meal! In 2021, we heard stores providing breakfast, lunch, and take-home meals for their teams.

4. Thank you notes

Because supermarket employees do a lot for us each day, it’s only right that we say020121_TGN_SED_Infographic2 thank you. Take a few minutes to write a quick note/email/newsletter thanking your grocery store employees for their help. Chances are they won’t expect it, but certainly appreciate it.

5. Capture the Fun, Post on Social Media

Build photos into your celebrations—maybe a selfie wall next to a Supermarket Hero graphic? Share messages on social media using #SupermarketEmployeeDay and #SupermarketHeroes. Follow @FMI_ORG on Twitter and Instagram and tag us in our post!

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Access the Supermarket Employee Day Toolkit