By: Chad Ross, Manager, Industry Relations, Food Marketing Institute

20161208-FMI-1404_ed WEBWe are continuously reminded of the unprecedented change that’s occurring not only in the food retail space but in the entire retail sector. Technological advancements have quite literally put more information than ever at our fingertips. 

With an abundance of information available, food retailers have a heightened awareness of new and evolving terrorism threats, workplace violence, and shifts in workplace dynamics. In order for companies to prepare themselves to protect their people, their products and their customers, it’s important for retailers to continuously examine and edit their crisis continuity plans and the needed leadership they have in place to keep their stores running in times of crisis. 

In 2017, the industry was forced to reexamine their procedures and crisis continuity plans to make sure that it covers everything from natural disasters to single store threats that could have national effects on the brand. With food retailing being a pillar of the community we need to make sure that we are not only prepared to handle whatever crisis comes our way but we are able to assist our communities. 

At NRF PROTECT 2018, the magnifying glass is turned inward to examine crisis continuity planning in food retail and how grocers can be more prepared to handle emergencies and protect their company’s assets. Rod Wheeler, founder and CEO of The Global Defense Institute, will discuss the opportunities that exist in the changing paradigm of security leadership.

Attend “Food Retailer Breakfast: The Changing Paradigm Shift of Security Leadership” on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at NRF Protect in Dallas Texas. There is no cost to attend the Food Retailer Breakfast, but attendees must be retailers and registered with a full conference pass at NRF PROTECT 2018.

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