By: Kelli Windsor, Manager Member and Digital Communications, Food Marketing Institute
2015 Year in Review Technology in the Aisles

Total Store Collaboration is a strategic pillar at FMI and is directed at helping members compete for share of stomach, share of wallet, share of talent, and share of capital. It’s befitting that stories related to asset protection, private brands and supply chain ranked as the most popular Total Store Collaboration blogs in 2015, offering perspective on the latest trends and ways to improve store operations.

Top Asset Protection Blogs

How New Technology Can Make Associate Training Cool Again

I swear it’s true. UFO’s were sited at FMI Connect, or at least they were in the Emerging Technologies to Drive Operational Performance and Associate Behavior session last week. These space visitors, along with a kraken from a refrigerator leak and some dancing bacteria on a meat slicer, were part of a demonstration on how new technology is helping train today’s tough-to-teach food retail associates. 

The 2015 NRSS Has Been Released: So What?

Another year. Another National Retail Security Survey (NRSS). So what? What is the significance of this survey? Does the information within affect the outcome of your company’s shrink results? What is the importance of knowing how other retailers view their shrink results? Does this survey help those of us in the food retail industry attack shrink with a better outcome than had this survey never had been conducted? In an effort to simultaneously answer all of these questions without seeming elusive, the answer is: it depends.

Top Private Brands Blogs

Private Brand Growth: A Conversation with Jim Holbrook, Chief Executive Officer, Daymon Worldwide

On Sept. 1, 2015, Daymon Worldwide appointed a new Chief Executive Officer, Jim Holbrook. I had the distinct pleasure of sharing a conversation on industry trends with Jim and learning his perspective on business opportunities. My line of questioning included observations on trends, innovation and sector growth.

Driving Private Brand Sales with Collaborative Business Planning

If everything is so great for private brands, why all the focus and need to build better business planning processes? As consumer awareness grows, so does demand, especially for products that meet consumer needs whether they are for function, flavor, social, or convenience. Consumers are looking for those brands that meet the individual needs or desires they each have. For private brands to continue to effectively compete, it will take a more collaborative approach to business planning including all key stakeholders in the equation.

Top Supply Chain Blogs

Out-of-Stocks: 3 Strikes You’re Out

In this consumer-driven landscape many business imperatives remain, but the struggle around on-shelf availability is more than just a revenue problem. With our trading partners at the Grocery Manufacturers Association, FMI recently commissioned a study conducted by JDA Software that shows a disturbing three-strikes-and-you’re-out pattern when it comes to customer loyalty.

The French Connection: Learnings on Click and Collect

The “click-and-collect” market in the U.S. is relatively nascent, and a handful of FMI members, namely Walmart, Harris Teeter and Kroger, have introduced click-and-collect offers for their consumers in test regions. Comparatively, with more than 3,125 click-and-collect operations, France arguably has the most mature click-and-collect business model.

7 Supply Chain Lessons to Learn at the TPA Supply Chain Conference

When you think about the supply chain you might get visions of plans, warehouses, trains, and delivery trucks. Truth is that bringing food and other consumer product goods from point A to point B involves so much more. When you start considering the complexities associated with meeting a consumer’s expectations in an omnichannel environment, the need for supply chain optimization becomes clear. That’s why the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) have joined together as the Trading Partner Alliance (TPA) to host the seventh annual Supply Chain Conference in New Orleans on February 22 – 24.  Here are seven lessons on supply chain that attendees are sure to take home.

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