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The Fundamentals of Food Prices: Costs, Consumer Demand, and Covid-19 (On-Demand Recording)

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Rising food prices have spurred influential consumers to alter attitudes and actions. What consumer trends are bubbling below the surface? Which consumer pivots will provide challenges or opportunities for your business? How can your organization leverage and learn from these consumer clues? Tap into the insights gained from analyzing motivations of almost half a million consumers in this Illuminate Webinar presented by FMI in conjunction with the Center for Food Integrity. Learn: Understand the solutions consumers are actively seeking to mitigate rising food prices as well societal pains. Internalize key consumer trends that will shape how brands are viewed in the context of food price pressure. Leverage actionable insight to inform plans and programs. Speakers

Heather Garlich, Senior Vice President, Communications, Marketing & Consumer/Community Affairs, FMI
Terry Fleck, CAE, Executive Director, Center for Food Integrity
Cheryl Auger, Senior Researcher. MotivIndex Inc.

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Publication Year: 2020
Pages, Size, or Length: 1 hour