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Store Operations Series: You and Your Back Door Receiver: How to Maximize Your Store’s Performance and Your Relationship with Your Receiving Manager Store Directors Virtual Group

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The three most important positions in a supermarket are:
1. The Store Manager. That’s easy to understand.
2. The Front End Manager. OK, I guess.
3. The Back Door Receiver. Wait. What?

That’s right! No one else in the store has more impact on the store’s bottom line than these three people.

For now, think about the quality of the person you have on your back door and the amount/quality of the training he/she has received. (Gulp!)

Admittedly, in only 50 minutes, this session will only scratch the surface on what the store manager and receiving manager both need to know.

But it will be a ‘eye-opening’ start to taking more control of the back of your store. You’ll be excited to learn that the bulk of the information to be shared in this session will be derived from a two-day Receiving Managers’ Conference we are hosting just the week prior. We will take what we have learned first hand from them and apply it to improving the relationship between the three most important positions in the store!

Store operations professionals should attend in order to:
Identify key areas of responsibility for each position.
Improve relationships between these three roles.

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