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Store Operations Series: The Concept of Flow and Focus

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Seminar Description:

We must engage our customers in order to capture their attention while optimizing their shopping experience. We can do that by understanding how FLOW and FOCUS affect most of the customer’s overall shopping experience. Minimizing the myriad obstacles that inhibit an easy FLOW throughout your store, while strategically controlling what the customer will FOCUS on once in a department is essential in enhancing customer satisfaction and sales.

We all know that people prefer to take the path of least resistance. This session will demonstrate how to better manage the FLOW of shoppers from the entrance of the store to the checkout, and how to control their FOCUS on items we want to sell, in the optimum order we would like to sell them.

It’s exciting to note that the critical factors affecting FLOW (i.e. signage, parking lot and store layout, road and aisle width, lighting) and FOCUS (i.e. signage, fixtures, scents, lighting, sampling) are all within our control. When managed properly, these can yield significant and incremental sales.

Store operations professionals should attend in order to:
Identify critical factors affecting FLOW.
Determine how to improve FOCUS within your store.

Product Details:

Product ID: 1000223
Publication Year: 2021
Pages, Size, or Length: 60 minutes