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Store Operations Series: In-Store Communication (On-Demand Recording)

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It has been said that ‘Communication’ is the oil necessary for a business’ engine to function properly. That is why this webinar is so important and timely. In recent weeks, we have all witnessed how clear and timely communication can make a huge difference in critical situations.

This session includes three parts.

The first section will review effective time management.
The main section will focus on five key in-store communication methods and the best practices that make them work effectively.
The last segment will showcase 10 more simple, yet impactful merchandising and operational ideas from great stores all around North America

View this session in order to:
How to do daily “Huddles” properly.
The importance of a three-part break room bulletin board.
Why one, “one on one,” each day will work magic for store morale.
Why TEAM Meetings are awesome communication tools.
And how a simple, handwritten note can be a wonderful communication tool that can make a big difference.

Product Details:

Product ID: 1000231
Publication Year: 2020
Pages, Size, or Length: 60 minutes