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Store Operations Series: "Help Wanted" - How to Find, Keep, and Motivate Employees Today (On-Demand Recording)

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It seems like every day there’s a new article about the challenge in finding and keeping good employees. Admittedly it’s bleak out there.  But all is not hopeless with regard to finding and keeping employees today. In this session, we will share examples of what you can do NOW with your current resources to find keep and motivate employees! FMI’s 2021 The Food Retailing Industry Speaks report captured these trends across the food industry. Strategies implemented for full-time and part-time employees ranged from better wages and salaries (85% full-time, 77% part-time) and bonuses (62%, 29%) to training and skills development (65%, 56%). Food retailers spent an average of almost $300 per employee in 2020 for training and development, and about two-thirds of retailers expect that amount will increase in 2021. Compare what you are doing with other retailers who are finding new ways to do what used to come easily...finding and keeping all the help we needed. View in order to: Identify ways you can improve your employee retention and motivation Compare what retailers are doing to create a positive employee environment Differentiate your store and organization in this competitive landscape

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Publication Year: 2022