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Store Operations Series: Creating a Great First and LASTing Impression (On-Demand Recording)

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Domestic Ret./Whslr., Canadian Ret./Whslr., International Ret./Whslr., University/College, Association Council, Product Supplier, Association Partner, Industry Partner, Strategic Partner, Affiliate Partner, Staff - $0.00
Non-Member - $29.00


The First and LASTing Impression of your business has almost nothing to do with the products or services you sell. In fact, a large part of your business' image is formed out in the parking lot and near the front entrance.

So, what message is your business sending? Friendly or apathetic? Clean or cluttered? Professional or amateurish? Fun or boring? The images go on and on. But do they complement your desired marketing strategy? You do have control over the image you're sending. Are you conveying the image you desire?

This session will look at fabulous and fatal First and LASTing Impressions and offer suggestions on delivering appropriate and desirable messages to your customers.

Store operations professionals should attend in order to:
Identify examples of positive first and last impressions.
Improve improve the message your business is sending to your customers.

Product Details:

Product ID: 1000222
Publication Year: 2021
Pages, Size, or Length: 60 minutes