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It’s Time for a COVID-19 Technology CheckUp : A Prescription for Food Retail

By Gary Hawkins CART for FMI

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The COVID-19 crisis has exposed weaknesses and vulnerabilities across the industry, along with surfacing countless of "if only we hads.” While this learning is still fresh, it is time to begin identifying those existing capabilities that require strengthening and creating an innovation to-do list to address newly discovered needs. A joint effort between FMI and CART, you’ll find the report contents to serve as a management discussion prescription, identifying areas of focus for needed capabilities as the industry emerges into a post-pandemic world. Your team can use this content to discuss covering the need for real-time operations, contactless shopping in-store and online, boosting the supply chain, the new world of marketing, and more.

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Product ID: 1000138
Publication Year: 2020
Pages, Size, or Length: 21