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Behind the Headlines: The Real Drivers of Food Prices (On-Demand Recording)

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Seminar Description:
Energy, supply chain and other external factors, such as weather, are among a multitude of factors that continue to influence food price inflation. What does the future hold for food price inflation in 2023? Learn perspective from Andy Harig, vice president of tax, trade, sustainability, and policy development at FMI – The Food Industry Association, and Dr. Ricky Volpe, associate professor of agribusiness at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as they take us behind the headlines

In this hour-long recorded seminar, learn:

Historical perspective regarding food price inflation.
Insights into the role that elevated and volatile energy costs play.
How ongoing drought conditions are having an impact on food availability and food prices.
How transportation issues continue to impact the price of food at the grocery store.
Global factors that will have the biggest impact on food prices in 2023.
Understand how inflation-resistant most food staples have been over the last 20 years.
Ways that manufacturers and retailers are evolving and looking to address these supply chain issues now and in the future.
Creative initiative retailers have employed to deal with food price inflation in this competitive environment. Bright spots for 2023 and beyond.

Product Details:

Product ID: 1000302
Publication Year: 2022
Pages, Size, or Length: 45 minutes