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Working with the FDA During a Recall (On-Demand Recording)

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Food safety is the number one priority of the retail industry and maintaining food safety for customers requires diligence by the entire supply chain. Product recalls are the last step in the supply chain to remove potentially harmful products from commerce. There are endless reasons for product recalls and they are always highly stressful situations. The best way to handle recalls is to be prepared. It is essential that during a recall companies are prepared to communicate and work with the local FDA District Recall Coordinator. Hear from Tom Kuntz, Acting Team Lead for FDA's Recall and Product Reconditioning Team, as he discusses FDA’s process for handling recalls and classifying recalls. Tom touches on the timing and inconsistency of recall classification and how to overcome challenges with your district recall coordinators. He provides an overview of FDA’s current initiatives related to recalls such as FDA’s new Strategic Coordinated Oversight of Recall Execution (SCORE) program.

Product Details:

Product ID: 1000294
Publication Year: 2017
Pages, Size, or Length: 61 minutes