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Feed Your Family’s Mental Health (On-Demand Recording)

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Seminar Description:
It is widely understood that eating a nutritious diet is positively correlated with optimal physical health. Increasingly, science also is showing that a healthy diet is linked to mental health. In fact, the impact that food has on mood and other aspects of mental health is being researched, and opportunities for food to be used as clinical interventions for patients who suffer from depression and anxiety are being further explored.

It’s not just the foods we eat that impact our mental and physical health; it’s also the company we keep when eating. Research shows that family meals, however you define family, are associated with better overall individual nutritional intake, better weight management, and stronger social interactions.

Nutritional psychiatry is a rapidly growing field that explores the relationship between diet and mental health. Dr. Drew Ramsey, a psychiatrist, leading proponent of Nutritional Psychiatry and author of Eat To Beat Depression and Anxiety (HarperWave 2021) will share the crucial ways that nutrition can help boost mental health. His presentation will cover the key concepts that contribute to optimizing mental health and fitness including: the nutrients associated with lowering depression and anxiety and where to find them; the role of inflammation; the microbiome; and the effects of increasing family meals.

Product Details:

Product ID: 1000258
Publication Year: 2022
Pages, Size, or Length: 60 minutes