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FMI Briefing: Food Supply Chain and Food Prices (On-Demand Recording)

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Are you hearing from your constituents about food prices and out of stock items on grocery store shelves? Do you want to learn more about the food supply chain and how the pandemic is impacting the food supply chain all the way to your local grocery store? FMI - The Food Industry Association hosted a Congressional briefing led by our CEO, on Thursday, February 10, 2022 to discuss the outlook for the food industry in 2022. Future-Proofing the Food Supply Chain: How the food industry is innovating to safeguard the supply chain for the future. Getting Food from Farm to Fork: As the global food economy enters year three of the pandemic, we'll explore what it takes to get food from farm to fork and how the industry is overcoming COVID-related obstacles to meet consumer demand. 2022 Economic Outlook: How the current challenges and opportunities in the supply chain are impacting the food retail industry.

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Product ID: 1000272
Publication Year: 2022
Pages, Size, or Length: 60 minutes