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Preparing for the Arrival of Gene Edited Food Products: Parts One & Two (On-Demand Recording Bundle))

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The first presentation features knowledgeable representatives from Corteva Agriscience, Pairwise, and Benson Hill who discuss the regulatory climate regarding gene edited foods, the status of new gene edited products in development, what crop development companies are doing to address the consumer expectation for transparency, and how retailers can help with shopper acceptance.

The second presentation covers issues raised in the previous presentation and will feature information about the Responsible Use of Gene Editing, a platform developed by the Center for Food Integrity with input from FMI and other stakeholders including seed companies, consumer groups, and food industry representatives. Companies that are using the platform as a means of providing information and promoting transparency surrounding their employment of the new food technology will share their experiences.

Included in this bundle:
- Preparing for the Arrival of Gene Edited Food Products (Part 1) | March 29, 2023
- Preparing for the Arrival of Gene Edited Food Products​ (Part 2) | February 27, 2023

Product Details:

Product ID: 1000378
Publication Year: 2023
Pages, Size, or Length: 60 minutes