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  • vacuum packaging

    A packaging process in which air is removed from a package as it is sealed.

  • value added network (VAN)

    A company that acts as a clearinghouse for electronic transactions between trading partners.

  • value-added reseller (VAR)

    A reseller of computer equipment whose services frequently include software integration

  • VAN

    Value added network.

  • VAR

    Value-added reseller.

  • variable cost

    Cost, Variable.

  • variable expense

    An expense that is proportional to the amount of merchandise sold. Includes equipment and supplies used to price merchandise, as well as any special packages that customers need to take merchandise home.

  • variety

    The practice of carrying a complete line of a brand and several different brands, so that customers will have the widest possible choice.

  • variety checklist

    A list used by supervisors to ensure the store is carrying a complete variety of products.

  • variety/general merchandise stores

    Stores that carry a diverse line of variety goods, usually at the low end of the price scale.

  • VDU

    Video display unit.

  • vehicle scheduling

    A transportation routing plan designed to maximize fleet utilization.

  • velocity

    The sales movement of a product measured against the category.

  • vendor

    A person or company that sells or delivers goods or services. See supplier.

  • vendor coupon

    A coupon initiated and refunded by a supplier or vendor.

  • vendor managed quick/continuous replenishment (VMQR)

    See continuous replenishment.

  • vendor-managed inventory (VMI)

    A manufacturer's management of the inventories inside a retailer's store, including sales forecasting, promotional adjustment/ allowances, ordering and delivery.

  • version A UPC

    A U.S standard bar code system (11 digits) that identifies products.

  • version E UPC

    A standardized bar code containing only seven digits, the zero is suppressed.

  • vertical arrangement

    The merchandising practice of displaying a brand of products directly above and below each other, e.g., canned vegetables or soups. Also called a ribbon arrangement. See horizontal arrangement.

  • vertical case

    An upright refrigerated display case with doors for selling frozen products.

  • vertical display

    See ribbon.

  • vertical selling

    A wholesaler marketing policy of soliciting only one segment of the trade, e.g., restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, institutional buyers. See horizontal selling.

  • Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)

    Networks designed for satellite communication.

  • vexar

    A red screenlike, plastic sheet placed on top of a rack in refrigerated cases, which allows cold air to flow through to products on top of the vexar sheet. Vexar also aids in housekeeping.

  • VICS

    Voluntary inter-industry communication standard.

  • video conferencing

    Communication between two or more parties that involves both a video and an audio link.

  • video display unit (VDU)

    A computer terminal.

  • void

    The process of removing an item after an order is rung on a register.

  • volume

    The amount of product sales by brand, category, department or store.

  • voluntary group

    A group of individually owned retail stores that buy from the same wholesaler and achieve economies of scale, e.g., store name, private label brand, advertising, merchandising.

  • voluntary inter-industry communication standard (VICS)

    The electronic data interchange (EDI) standards for marking products and shipping containers in the mass merchandising, apparel and department store industries. VICS EDI is maintained by the UCC.

  • voluntary store

    An independent retailer operating a store and achieving economies of scale, i.e., advertising, buying and merchandising patterns.

  • voluntary wholesaler

    A wholesaler serving single or multi-unit retailers, often under a common program name, providing buying and retailing services.

  • VSAT

    Very Small Aperture Terminal.