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  • U.P.C.

    universal product code.

  • UCC

    Uniform Code Council.

  • UCC/EAN 128

    Uniform Commercial Code, European Article Number. (Also known as UCC-128.) A bar code system and data format used for primary and secondary product identification in Europe.

  • UCS

    Uniform Communication Standard.

  • UCS II

    A software program that facilitates the transfer of promotional announcements and price changes.

  • UCS ordering system

    (Uniform Communications System) electronically transmits data, orders, promotional information and price changes between manufacturer and distributor.

  • unaffiliated retailer, unaffiliated store

    An independent retailer who has no interest in nor is affiliated with voluntary merchandising groups sponsored by wholesalers.

  • unconcealed loss or damage

    Obvious product damage and/or shortages that occurred during shipping to a retailer/wholesaler. See concealed loss or damage.

  • under-ring

    A cashier ringing a product at a price that is less than actual price.

  • understock drawers

    Drawers that have excess stock stored underneath regulation shelving.

  • Uniform Code Council (UCC)

    The nonprofit administrative and education organization that works with American and Canadian industry to develop and administer product identification, bar codes and electronic data interchange standards.

  • Uniform Communication Standard (UCS)

    A set of standard transaction sets for the grocery industry that allows computer-to-computer, paperless exchange of documents and information.

  • uninterruptible power system (UPS)

    An emergency power unit used to back up a primary system.

  • unit

    A standardized package or amount used in shipping, e.g., pallet, slip sheet.

  • unit load

    One or more transport packages or other items held together by such means as a pallet, slip sheet, strapping, interlocking, glue, or plastic wrap making them suitable for transport, stacking or storage as a unit.

  • unit of sale

    A container with one or more consumer units, usually with a fixed count and identical product, that is bought and sold by trading partners. Unit of sale for grocery can range from standard pack units to planned promotional sizes.

  • unit pricing

    Additional information on a product price used by shoppers to compare the retail price of the item plus an additional price per measure, such as price per pound, per pint, etc.

  • unit sales

    The total sales volume of a product for a specified time period. See movement.

  • unit stocking

    A shelf-stocking method that requires a stocker to handle each individual item separately.

  • United States grade stamp

    Signifies that a product is clean, safe and wholesome, and has been produced in an acceptable establishment, with the appropriate equipment, under the supervision of federal inspectors. It also indicates the product is of a specific grade, identified by the appropriate United States grade designation, as determined by a federal inspector according to established requirements of United States grade standards.

  • unitized shipment

    Product palletized or slipsheeted for easier shipping and handling.

  • unitized shipping

    Shipping an item in case amounts standardized to the warehouse slot of the distributor.

  • Universal Code Council (UCC)

    The central data bank for identification numbers, education and support for the Uniform Communication Standard (UCS) program.

  • universal communication system

    A computer system that uses uniform communications standards to enable retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers to communicate.

  • universal product code (U.P.C.)

    A number and bar code that identifies products, which is scannable.

  • UNIX

    A major multi-user multiprocessing operating system, which is the leading operating system for minicomputers. Bell Laboratories developed it in the early 1970s. It is written in a high-level programming language called C.

  • unsalable allowance

    A discount that is given to cover the anticipated amount of unsalable products, e.g., perishables.

  • unsalable center

    A specific location in the retail store or department where damaged products are sent.

  • unsalables

    Products unworthy of sale, e.g., damaged, out of date, spoiled.

  • UpCharge

    A wholesaler's charge for a product that is based on the product 's cost plus handling and storage costs.

  • upright doored merchandiser

    A portable refrigerated display unit that can be free-standing or placed against a perimeter wall.

  • upright freezer

    An upright refrigerated display unit with doors used for merchandising frozen foods.

  • upright wall merchandiser

    A refrigerated, self-service, fixed display case that is placed against a perimeter wall.

  • UPS

    Uninterruptible power system.

  • ups & downs

    Prices that change both up and down on a weekly basis, directly relating to manufacturers' specials at warehouse level.

  • upstream trading partners

    For the retailer, the upstream trading partners are the wholesalers, and, in other cases, the supplier. For the wholesaler, the upstream trading partner is the supplier.

  • USDA Grade

    United States Department of Agriculture grades that relate to a specified quality of product. Grade denotes quality and USDA denotes product inspected for wholesomeness.

  • utility

    United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grade of beef. Utility grade meat comes from older cattle and is used to produce sausages or canned beef entrees, such as beef stew.