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    National Association for the Specialty Food Trade.

  • national brand

    A product distributed and sold nationwide. Usually nationally advertised with strong customer loyalty.

  • national voluntary wholesale grocer

    A franchised member wholesaler of a national, voluntary group corporation that can offer retailers franchises and supply products.

  • near-pack premium

    A special premium offered to customers who buy a product that is displayed close to that product or at the front end of the store.

  • negative check authorization

    A denial of a customer's check by a checking service or in-store database.

  • neighborhood shopping center

    A planned center that has several stores, anchored by a supermarket .

  • net profit

    The difference between gross profit and the cost of doing business. Commonly expressed as a percentage of sales. The dollar amount that remains after goods are sold and all costs are subtracted. Usually reported two ways by corporations: before and after taxes.

  • net property and equipment

    The value of all property, plant and equipment, including capital leases minus accumulated depreciation and amortization.

  • net sales

    Gross sales minus adjustments and returns. The final figure.

  • Network Exchange (NEX/UCS)

    An electronic communication, utilizing public telecommunications networks, that facilitates the exchange of data and information between office-based computer systems. See UCS; DEX/UCS.

  • neutralizing charge

    A fixed weekly fee, charged to retailers who are stockholders in a wholesale operation, that covers an increased cost of service that was not billed on an original invoice for merchandise.

  • new distribution

    An authorization to receive and stock a new product.

  • new distribution allowance

    See distribution allowance.

  • new product information sheet

    A buyer's data sheet listing product and promotional information and allowances that must be completed by the seller at the buying office.


    Network exchange.

  • NFBA

    National Food Brokers Association.

  • NFFA

    National Frozen Food Association Inc.

  • NGA

    National Grocers Association.

  • niche marketing

    Advertising and marketing tailored to a specific demographic population with similar purchasing behaviors. Also known as target marketing.

  • night crew

    A group of retail associates who restock merchandise after normal store hours or at night when business is slower. Also known as night stockers.

  • no frills

    A limited-assortment store, which does not provide customer services.

  • no-name brand

    See generic product.

  • nonfoods

    General merchandise sold in food stores, e.g., appliances, electronics, hardware, toys.

  • nonsponsoring wholesaler

    A wholesaler that does not offer memberships that serves single or multi-unit retailers.

  • normal stock

    An amount and mix of products that a retailer needs to meet normal sales volume for a specific period of time, i.e., day, week, month.

  • not authorized

    An item that a store is not allowed to carry.

  • not-on-file

    A product not entered into a store's inventory file, therefore it will not scan at checkout.

  • NRA

    National Restaurant Association.

  • nutrition labeling

    An accurate list of ingredients printed on food, beverage and drug labels.