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  • jack

    A wheeled device with lifting capabilities, used to move pallets or heavy loads of product (often onto skids or pallets).

  • j-hook

    A wire clip-on hook that attaches to the front edge of a grocery gondola and is used to display high-impulse products and gadgets, usually packaged on punched cards. Also called profit hooks or profit pegs.

  • J-I-T

    Just-in-time delivery.

  • job description

    A written statement communicating an employee's function within the workplace. It specifies the job duties or assignments for a position and the standards by which the employee will be judged.

  • jobber

    A full-line wholesaler capable of providing a variety of retail services including product distribution, ordering, stocking, advertising, financial information and reporting. See rack jobber.

  • journal

    A printed tape inside a cash register that records all ongoing customer transactions. Also known as Journal Tape.

  • jumble display

    A dump display of a variety of similarly priced products. See dump display; mass display.

  • just-in-time delivery (J-I-T)

    An inventory control system that replenishes and delivers products to a retailer just as a current supply is depleted.