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    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

  • hand truck

    A small two-wheeled cart used to move product.

  • handbill

    A hand-delivered advertisement or promotional piece distributed to consumers in a trading area.

  • hand-held terminal

    A portable computer terminal used for numerous in-store operations, such as price checks or placing orders.

  • handling allowance/charge

    A manufacturer's discount paid to a wholesaler in return for handling promotional products and/or cash coupons.

  • handling unit

    A term used to describe goods or an aggregation of goods bundled together for distribution and logistical purposes.

  • hang tag

    A hanging tag, also known as a shelf talker.

  • hanging or dressed weight

    The weight of a meat/poultry carcass before trimming and processing.

  • hard shell lobsters

    Mature, salable lobsters.

  • hardlines

    General merchandise that includes appliances, automotive supplies, barbecue items, batteries, brooms, cookware, cutlery, furniture, gardenware, hardware, photography film or supplies and toys.

  • hardware

    Produce such as citrus fruits, potatoes, root vegetables and other fruits and vegetables that will withstand handling and transportation without refrigeration.

  • hazard analysis critical control point (HAACP)

    A federal guideline to ensure safe food handling and preparation from receiving to point of sale.

  • HBA

    Health and beauty aids.

  • HBC

    Health and beauty care.

  • HBC/cosmetic

    A retail store that sells health and beauty care (HBC) products and/or cosmetics, but not prescription drugs.

  • HCFC


  • header card

    See case card.

  • health and beauty aids (HBA)

    A category now called Health and Beauty Care (HBC).

  • health and beauty care (HBC)

    Cosmetics, toiletries and home remedy products sold in food stores. Formerly called health and beauty aids (HBA).

  • heat-and-eat

    A precooked food that requires heating before consumption.

  • held at store

    Unprocessed invoices at the time of inventory; a list is made to account for outstanding invoices.

  • hernia-size

    Extra-large sizes of packaged goods, such as dry pet foods.

  • HFC


  • hi-cone packaging

    Single products packaged together to make a multiple unit, such as beverages and small bags of chips.

  • high-low pricing

    A marketing strategy in which a product maintains a high retail price, but is frequently offered as an ad special with a deep discount (low price).

  • historical margin

    The profit margin figured on a product or category of products.

  • holding power

    See shelf capacity.

  • holistic pilots

    Test projects in which trading partners implement one or more aspect of ECR across multiple disciplines and functional boundaries within the companies. They document the experience and measure its success.

  • home delivery

    Direct delivery of groceries to a customer's home by a retailer or separate delivery service.

  • home health care

    A store that sells medical supplies, bathroom safety equipment, physical therapy needs, wheelchairs, walkers, etc.

  • home meal replacement

    Foods prepared in a store and consumed at home or in-store which require little or no preparation on the part of the consumer.

  • home office

    The headquarters of a company.

  • home page

    The main entrance to a World Wide Web site.

  • home shopping

    Electronic shopping on the Internet.

  • honor system

    A practice of receiving merchandise without systematically counting the product or checking the contents of cases, but rather trusting that the vendor and shipper have complied with the order. Spot counts are normally conducted in association with an honor system.

  • horizontal display

    Stocking a line of similar products so they form a horizontal pattern across a single shelf. Also known as Horizontal Set, Horizontal Arrangement. See vertical arrangement.

  • horizontal selling

    A wholesaler's marketing plan to sell to all types of related industries, retailers, commissaries, institutional and food service. See vertical selling.

  • host computer

    A computer's processor that each week sends new and sale items to scanning stores.

  • house brand or house label

    A private label brand of products offered by a wholesaler or manufacturer.

  • house organ

    A company's employee newsletter.

  • housekeeping

    Operational procedures to ensure cleanliness, safety, sanitation and maintenance for a store or warehouse.

  • housewares

    General merchandise items used in a kitchen and home, e.g., baking pans, mops.

  • human resources

    A department in a company that is involved in every aspect regarding employees hiring, training, payroll, evaluation, among others.

  • hundred-weight (CWT)

    A transportation measure used to determine transportation charges in 100-pound increments.

  • hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)

    A refrigerant used in display cases and warehouse storage facilities.

  • hydrofluorocarbon (HFC)

    A man-made chemical used as a refrigerant.

  • hydrometer

    A glass cylinder with a suction bulb on one end ,that is used to measure the salt level of a lobster tank.

  • hypermarket

    A combined supermarket and discount store, at least 200,000 square feet or larger, that sells a wide variety of food and general merchandise at a low price.