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  • garnish

    A decoration on salads, such as sprigs of watercress, lettuce or other colorful items
  • gateway

    The computer system used in a store to transmit orders and payroll to the Office/Distribution Center and receive price changes, PPUM Tags and delivery schedules from the Office/Distribution Center.
  • general line wholesaler

    A wholesaler who only sells dry grocery products.
  • general merchandise (GM)

    Products other than food that are sold in supermarkets and require special buying, warehousing and servicing; GM classes are: hardlines, softlines, reading/writing lines, health and beauty care (HBC) and services.
  • general partnerships and franchises (leasing, joint ventures, third party)

    Suppliers who provide brand or nonbrand products, services and systems that a retailer can market and incorporate into their operation. The operation may be partially or wholly run by the provider, retailer or a third-party.
  • generally recognized as safe (GRAS)

    A food safety FDA term that indicates that all ingredients are approved for human consumption.
  • generator

    The large motor designed to run cash registers and emergency lighting when normal power is lost. This unit is usually powered by natural gas.
  • generic, generic product or generic brand

    Product packaged and sold without brand name or advertisements. Usually of a standard grade as opposed to grade A or top quality. Offers customers lower quality at a lower price, and is packed in a plain package with only a simple product description and no brand name shown. Products may still be quality controlled, open dated and unit priced. Also referred to a no-name brand.
  • gills

    The breathing organs of fish, which are removed during processing since they decompose rapidly and may contaminate the fish.
  • giveaway

    A promotion of an item in which customers get one free if they buy one or more products. See loss leader.
  • GMA

    Grocery Manufacturers of America, Inc.
  • GMDC

    General Merchandise Distributors Council.
  • GNP

    Gross national product.
  • go backs (backshop)

    The products that accumulate around a checkstand and require reshelving. Also known as back shop, shop backs and returns.
  • gondola

    Display shelves and racks that form aisles in a retail store. See wall shelving.
  • gourmet foods

    Specialty and imported food products.
  • gourmet supermarket

    A supermarket offering gourmet and high-end products, as well as standard grocery items. Emphasis is on customer service, fresh foods, take-out meals and catering.
  • grade

    A food industry classification system or standard that indicates a quality level, such as, Grade A, Prime, or Extra Fancy.
  • graphical information system

    A computer program that analyzes trade areas to help select a site to build or buy a store.
  • graphical user interface (GUI)

    A user-friendly, non-text way to present and to navigate World Wide Web pages using icons and pictures and to hyperlink to other Uniform Resource Locators (URLs).
  • GRAS

    Generally Recognized as Safe.
  • gravity feed

    A display fixture that uses a product's weight to drop products down or move them forward as an item is removed.
  • green sheet

    A weekly, in-store ad sheet of specials, located at the front of a store for customers' convenience. The Green Sheet may include coupons.
  • greengrocer

    A retailer who only sells fruits and vegetables.
  • grocery gross

    See gross margin.
  • grocery inventory

    A count of all grocery items on hand in a store; also refers to the process of counting products.
  • Grocery Manufacturers Of America (GMA)

    1010 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Suite 800 Washington, DC 20007 (202) 337-9400
  • grocery store

    A retail store that sells a variety of food products, including some perishable items and general merchandise.
  • grocery wholesaler

    A middleman who buys food and supplies from manufacturers to resell them in smaller quantities to retailers; cooperatives and voluntaries are the two major types.
  • gross

    A unit of measure for packaged products; 144 items or 12 dozen.
  • gross margin

    An accounting term that refers to the difference between retail selling price and the cost of goods sold, expressed as a dollar amount or as a percent of retail sales. Gross margin percentage is computed by dividing gross margin dollars by retail sales dollars. The terms gross margin, margins and gross profit are often used synonymously.
  • gross national product (GNP)

    The total value of all goods manufactured in a country in a calendar year.
  • gross profit

    An accounting term that refers to a profit figure calculated by subtracting the cost of product from its selling price; expressed as a percentage or as dollars and cents. See markup; margin; net profit; spread.
  • gross sales

    The total dollar sales for a day, week, month or a year.
  • group advertising

    Retailers that advertise together to save money. See voluntary store.
  • group numbers

    The standardized classification systems used for products.
  • guaranteed sale

    The agreement to return product if items do not sell within a certain time.
  • guaranteed sale program

    A program that assures customers a full refund if not satisfied.
  • GUI

    The graphical user interface of a World Wide Web page.