Food Marketing Institute

Oliver Wyman



The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Oliver Wyman recently released the fourth edition of their annual journal, Boardroom, which highlights unique and timely insights to help senior retail food executives successfully shape strategies and improve performance throughout their organizations.



In this edition of Boardroom, we start with a forward-looking section on “The Future of Retail,” delving into how consumer preferences will further disrupt the retail industry and the opportunities that exist with this shift towards an information age. Then we present “Emerging New Consumerism,” discussing how consumer tastes continue to evolve and what it will take for FMI’s membership to meet those demands. “Workforce and Artificial intelligence” explore how members can make use of their most important assets to deliver on those demands. “The New Marketplace” reviews the requirements of changing consumer demands, as retailers must adapt the physical store to better suit customers who will increasingly avail themselves of the plethora of channels for food purchases. Finally, “Food Production” investigates what these changes, coupled with the increased globalization and localization of the supply chain, mean for how the industry provides high quality and safe products in a sustainable way.



  • The online edition is live now for all interested parties to enjoy here.  
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The journal is available for download immediately.