ARLINGTON, VA — Oct. 10, 2007 — Food retailers, wholesalers and restaurants will be able to review detailed supplier safety auditing and certification records online through a new alliance among the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), Muddy Boots Software and Agentrics, according to an announcement today by the three organizations. SQFI, a division of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), plans to launch this service in early 2008.

SQF field auditors will use the Muddy Boots Quickfire software to enter food safety audit results into a hand-held computer anywhere food is grown, processed or manufactured. They will transmit the data to a secure Agentrics online database, where food buyers can review auditing and certification records of suppliers in the SQF program.

SQF has issued more than 9,000 certificates to suppliers in over 20 countries, verifying that they comply with the most stringent U.S. and international food safety standards and company buyer specifications.

Agentrics will administer the data-gathering system and provide multilingual technical and online management support. This automated system will ensure the information is current and available in real time.

“This alliance will equip SQF with a robust collection of food safety information about companies around the world,” said FMI Group Vice President of Food Safety Programs Jill Hollingsworth. “It offers buyers a quick and reliable means to identify suppliers with a strong commitment to providing safe food — certified by independent audits.

“Certified suppliers will receive increased exposure to current and potential customers. Suppliers will be subjected to fewer audits as more buyers recognize that SQF certification satisfies all their safety requirements.”

“The FMI Safe Quality Food Program is uniquely positioned to support the industry’s drive to assess and ensure the safety of our food,” said Christopher Sellers, CEO of Agentrics, based in Alexandria, VA. “With these new tools in the hands of SQF auditors, the food industry will have greater confidence in its ability to ensure supplier compliance with these important standards.”

“Monitoring compliance with food safety standards rests on the ability to capture accurate and timely information,” said Jonathan Evans, managing director for Muddy Boots, headquartered in Herefordshire, UK. “SQF auditors will soon have a powerful resource to support their efforts to gather important data and communicate it to food buyers.”

The SQF Institute administers a complete food safety and quality management system designed specifically for the food industry. It develops standards for general food safety practices and special controls for different commodities, working closely with suppliers and incorporating U.S. and international requirements. This August, for example, it developed specific guidance for growing spinach, lettuce and other leafy greens.

The SQF Program goes beyond a simple audit, ensuring that suppliers observe best practices in food safety and quality management. Only those certification companies accredited by international organizations such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) can conduct SQF audits. The program is endorsed by the Global Food Safety Initiative, an international consortium of food safety experts and companies.

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute, a division of the Food Marketing Institute, manages the SQF Program, a fully integrated food safety and quality management protocol. SQF certification means that a grower, producer or manufacturer is in compliance with international, regulatory and other specified standards. This certification ensures that food has been produced, prepared and handled according to the highest possible standards.

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Muddy Boots Software is the leading provider of traceability and quality assurance solutions for the global food and retail industry. Acknowledged masters in mobile data collection. Muddy Boots has been developing data recording systems since 1996 and has unrivalled experience in producing intelligent, mobile data capture, recording and auditing software. These systems, based on Microsoft technologies, act as building blocks to help deliver integrated management and traceability systems.