WASHINGTON, DC — February 19, 2003 — Forward-thinking consumer research, cutting-edge sessions and insight into the latest advertising and marketing trends highlight the 2003 Advertising and Marketing Executive Conference. Hosted by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), the conference will be held March 30 – April 1, 2003, at the Alexis Park Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, NV.

The conference features a series of general sessions covering the newest developments in private label, direct marketing and brand-building strategies. Examples of supermarket advertising, including radio, print and TV will be on display throughout the meeting.

“The Advertising/Marketing Executive Conference provides an opportunity to hear industry experts give their perspective on what’s hot with American consumers,” said Conference Chair Chuck Corbeil, vice president of marketing, Harris Teeter, Inc. “It is the best forum to meet with food retailers, from independent operators to national chains, and share successful marketing and advertising strategies.”

Kicking off with a keynote address from Hy-Vee, Inc. President and Chief Administrative Officer Richard N. Jurgens, key industry topics will be explored over the three-day conference, including:

  • Predatory Marketing — Learn how to strategically target a competitor and take their market share. C. Britt Beemer, chairman, America’s Research Group, Ltd., will expound on what he knows after listening to five million consumers tell him where, why and when they shop their favorite stores.
  • The Fast No-B.S. Route to Effective Direct Marketing — Explore the new rules for effective grocery marketing in the 21st century as they apply to email but also as they have changed conventional direct mail. Herschell Gordon Lewis, head of Lewis Enterprises, will offer a hard-boiled look at what to do and what not to do to compete effectively in today’s marketplace.
  • Sponsorship Marketing — Evaluate the effectiveness of a sponsorship marketing program and how to successfully integrate it into an organization’s overall marketing plan. James E. Bailey, president and CEO, Red Moon Marketing, will share “success stories” about property activation strategies, effective player appearances, tips on venue signage, low cost premium/giveaway ideas, public relations tactics and budget stretching media suggestions.
  • Creating a Branded Environment for Supermarkets — Kevin Ervin Kelly, principal and co-founder, Shook Design Group, will explore the strategic and creative thinking necessary to create a brand message and identify what sets you apart and ahead of your competition.
  • Private Label Comes of Age — Trish Brynjolfsson, vice president, retail marketing, Catalina Corporation, will explain the best programs and research techniques for building loyalty and driving sales for private label via direct mail, online promotions and customized in-store incentives. Innovative marketing solutions for increasing sales and profitability of private label products will also be provided.
  • Societal Forces and How They Relate to Consumer Attitudes — Thérèse Mulvey, vice president, strategic marketing, Vertis Inc., will discuss the latest changes in consumer attitudes, focusing on customers with grocery loyalty cards, buyers of ready-to-eat meals or organic foods and those who spend grocery dollars in other venues such as department, discount and convenience stores.
  • Marketing and Merchandising Successfully to the Ethnic Shopper — Review a study sponsored by the Coca-Cola Research Council which documents the best practices of retailers who have been the most successful in attracting and retaining ethnic customers.
  • Changing Face of Retail Promotions — Tim O’Meara, president, and Ron Apple, senior vice president, Creative Promotional Solution, Inc., will share the latest co-op marketing programs for retailers and their suppliers designed to significantly increase traffic, market basket sales, and movement of participating products.
  • Promotions that Work — A panel of peers will share success stories in generating sales through promotions and marketing strategies.

Other topics to be addressed include steps to mental and physical toughness; direct mail in an integrated marketing strategy; human persuasion and the year’s best of radio, print and television advertising.

To register, or for more information, contact Pat Shinko (pshinko@fmi.org) or Kaari Oberg (koberg@fmi.org) or visit the FMI Web site at www.fmi.org.