Highlights Intersection between FOP and Additional Nutrition Policies

Arlington, VA - Today, FMI – The Food Industry Association highlighted the importance of providing consumers with clear, consistent nutrition information during the Reagan-Udall Foundation’s public meeting on front-of-package (FOP) labeling as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers proposed FOP labeling schemes. FMI shares FDA’s goals of reducing diet-related chronic diseases, prioritizing nutrition activities, and empowering consumers with information to make healthier choices. 

In her remarks, FMI Senior Director, Health and Well-being, Krystal Register noted, “FMI is the co-creator of the Facts Up Front (FUF) program – a voluntary labeling program designed to allow consumers to use key product information like calories, saturated fat, sodium, added sugars and nutrients to encourage. FMI believes that FUF is the best suited FOP scheme with clear facts to help consumers make informed choices.” 

Register continued, “Many of FDA’s proposed FOP schemes go beyond factual disclosure with subjective characterization of foods. Reducing a food’s entire dietary contribution to whether it is low, medium or high in one to three nutrients to avoid is overly simplistic and will not help educate consumers on how to improve their overall dietary pattern. We also believe meaningful discussion of consumer guidance must include calories, which none of the FOP schemes tested have included.” 

Register concluded, “When considering the potential intersection with other nutrition-related policies, there are noted conflicts between the proposed definition of ‘healthy,’ nutrient content claim levels, guidance for using Dietary Guidance Statements, and the front-of-package schemes tested. As policies intersect, there must be alignment of parameters, and values must be considered in unison to prevent consumer confusion.”