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FMI is pleased to provide class action settlement claims service in association with Class Action Capital, a leading class action settlement management company. Class Action Capital specializes in the research, education, data collection, analysis and filing of complex class action settlement claims.

Launched in 2012, Class Action Capital has become the premiere provider of class action settlement claim management and monetization for global companies. From 30 clients in the beginning, to over 5,000 corporate clients to date, Class Action Capital’s value proposition, reputation, and expertise have been recognized by companies of all sizes and in diverse industries.

Class Action Capital will handle the entire claims filing process, their services include:

Identification & Education

Class Action Capital will notify Food Marketing Institute of all upcoming opportunities to ensure all members are made aware of settlement opportunities.

Data Retrieval & Analysis

CAC will collect and analyze historical data from internal and external sources to accurately determine your organization’s maximum claim value.

Claim Preparation & Filing

CAC will notify your organization of all upcoming opportunities in advance of critical deadlines and will prepare all claims accurately to achieve maximum award value.

Claim Tracking

Class Action Capital will continually monitor your claim to confirm the submission is received by the administrator, the claim numbers are property assigned, processed, analyzed, and accepted to ensure the payment is validated.


Should your claim receive an audit request, Class Action Capital will prepare an acceptable and defensible audit response on your behalf and will further handle the entire process of managing the claim audit and advocating for your true claim value.


CAC works directly with the claims administrator, manages receipts of the settlement funds to ensure timeliness and accuracy of your claim value and promptly issues your net funds along with a transparent accounting statement for your record keeping purposes.

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