Power of Private Brands: Looking Deeper for Answers

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 (2pm - 3pm US/Eastern)
FMI Webinar

The register is where speculation gives way to hard data. The FMI Private Brands Council set out to get a better view of what’s happening at the register through an innovative analysis. It commissioned a study leveraging segment breakdowns to enable a deeper look across price tiers and categories. The results can help the industry understand which segments and categories are doing well, and how to extend those lessons to less robust private brand segments.

The research also looked at four price tiers: value, mainstream, premium and organic, providing a wide-ranging view of private brand activity at retail.

This webcast will provide insight and analysis from the FROM THE REGISTER chapter of The Power of Private Brands, including:

- Why the performance gap between private brands and national brands has widened
- The effect on private brand of deflationary pressure and fewer shopper trips
- Why club and mass retailers are capturing increased own brand share from supermarkets
- Why organic represents a growing segment of the private brands industry
- Why the mainstream and premium segments will be keys to the success of private label in supermarkets
- Why three segments in the private brands frozen department grew in the past year
- The effect of an increase in percent of sales promotion in private brands—about twice as much as the overall food business

Kristof Duna
Director of Private Brands
Merchants Distributors and Lowes Foods

Mark McKeown
Client Insights Principal
IRI Inc.

Kevin Francella
Brand Director
Store Brands

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