Conflict Minerals: Guidance for Food Retailers and Suppliers

Thursday, September 19, 2013 (11am - 12pm US/Eastern)

Dodd-Frank Section 1502 describes the due diligence and reporting requirements for SEC issuers whose products contain tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold (3TG). These minerals are impacting a wide range of food and non-food packaged goods. Many private companies upstream in the supply chain are also impacted as SEC issuers reach back to identify the sources of minerals in their products and, as a result, these companies are likely to feel the pressure of executing their own conflict minerals initiatives.

Join us on Thursday, September 19 from 11:00am 12:00pm Eastern for this webinar as PwC experts from their Retail & Consumer practice lead a discussion addressing the rule and how food and grocery companies are approaching and executing their journey to Section 1502 compliance.

During the webinar, PwC experts will discuss the SEC's requirements and the impact to food manufacturers and grocery retailers in:
Determining scope of product and whether they contain 3TG, specifically considering packaging guidance;
Determining suppliers for 3TG products;
Performing reasonably reliable procedures to determine a reasonable country of origin for 3TG minerals;
Reviewing common supplier responses and ensuring changes to products or suppliers are encompassed;
Where required, undertaking due diligence on the 3TG chain of custody
Filing the Form SD and, where required, a Conflict Minerals Report;
Reviewing the scope of the independent audit;
Considering the future of materials compliance, in light of similar proposed initiatives in Europe and elsewhere.

We will also discuss the operational changes often required - including processes and teams in Design/NPI, Sourcing, Supply Chain, Compliance and IT. We invite you to join us in order to further your understanding your progress to S1502 compliance.

Please contact Judith Hochhauser Schneider,, or Jeanne vonZastrow,, with any questions.