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Vusion SES-imagotag Inc.

625 N. Michigan Avenue
Suite 650
Chicago, IL 60611-3632
United States
Tel: 614-900-1513 |

VusionGroup is a world leader in smart digital labels and IoT solutions for physical retail, serving over 350 large retailer groups around the world in Europe, Asia and North America.

VusionGroup has developed theVusionLive Retail IoT platform to help retailers transform their physical stores into high value digital assets, more automated, data-driven, and connected in real-time to suppliers and consumers.

VusionLive improves the agility, precision and accuracy of prices, whilst ensuring the omnichannel synchronization of prices, product information and marketing campaigns. The platform developed by VusionGroup also optimizes in-store order preparation and restocking. VusionLive improves employee satisfaction by freeing up time from cumbersome low value-added tasks and allowing them to focus on customer service and merchandizing tasks. VusionLive connects shelves to the Cloud, providing real-time accurate information on product availability and location, allowing for reduced inventory, out-of-stock, and waste, as well as improved on-shelf availability and merchandizing compliance. VusionLive empowers consumers with better product, nutritional and traceability information at the shelf and enables a frictionless in-store shopping experience with features such as product search, pathfinding and cashier-less scan & pay features.

VusionGroup supports the United Nations’ Global Compact initiative and has received in 2022 the Platinum Sustainability Rating from EcoVadis, the world’s reference of business sustainability ratings. SES-imagotag is listed in compartment A of the Euronext™ Paris exchange Ticker symbol: SESL – ISIN code: FR0010282822 – Reuters: SESL.PA – Bloomberg: SES

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VUSION - Global Leader in Electronic Shelf Labels & IoT Solutions
SES-imagotag is the global leader in Electronic Shelf Labels and IoT solutions for retail. Turn your physical stores into digital assets with VUSION.

Primary Contact:
Mr. Cody Smith
Senior Marketing Manager, Americas
Point-of-Sale Equipment
Security Systems & Products
Store Design
Technology Services
Captana, Fresh, In the Memory, PDI Technology, Engage, Vusion

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